About the Amazon Theosophy Website

About the Amazon Theosophy Website


The Amazon Theosophy Website, published in Pará State, in the Amazon region of Brazil, is a space for study, coexistence and reflection.  It aims at the study and investigation of theosophy, the divine wisdom present in all time and every nation.  It stimulates the development of an ecological consciousness on the various levels of consciousness. We believe that the individual search for wisdom and a conscious social action result in the flowering of a harmonious ecology of the soul, from which the preservation and respect for the outer natural environment is born.

The articles published here invite reflection and debate on important topics for building a just society and in harmony with the principle of universal brotherhood of all beings. 

In this context, we focus on the study and research of subjects related to the original Theosophy, or divine wisdom.  The Amazon is a great ecosystem. It is also a repository of timeless knowledge, which must be adequately preserved and intuitively understood.

We are part of a global effort of students and researchers dedicated to the defense and teaching of the original Theosophy.

We invite everyone to obtain more information about our work by writing to: amazoniateosofica@gmail.com.

Best Regards

Emanuel Tadeu Machado