Texts in English

A 3,000 Years Esoteric School – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Book of Quotations – Robert Crosbie
A Broad View, or Looking in the Distance – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Burning Match Anticipates the New Day – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
A Case of Obsession – Helena P. Blavatsky
A Commitment to the Next Year – Independent Lodge of Theosophists
A Lunatic Race? – Radha Burnier
A Prayer to Defend My Soul – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
About the Ego and the Unmanifested BeingVisconde de Figanière
Agrippa, September and the Lessons from Heaven – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
An Independent System of TrainingCarlos Cardoso Aveline
An Old Celtic Legend of Atlantis – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Approaching the Theosophical MovementJuan Pedro Bercial
Blavatsky Students in the Adyar SocietyCarlos Cardoso Aveline
B.P. Wadia, a Life of Service to Mankind – Dallas TenBroeck
Brazil, India and the Future of Civilization – Maurício Andrés Ribeiro
Buchanan, on Moral Education – Joseph Rodes Buchanan
Change in the Poles of Our Planet – Carlos Cardoso Aveline

Chelas – Helena P. Blavatsky
Defending the Old Lady from Rome – Three Italian Theosophists
Different Layers of Aspiration – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Disaster, a Boon and a Blessing to Man – A.J.H. van Leeuwen
E-Theosophy, a Bridge Into the Future – The Editors
Esoteric Philosophy Discards Rituals – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Freedom from Attachment to Pain – Erich Fromm
From the Writings of a Theosophist – Robert Crosbie
Giving Up Illusions About Masters – N. C. Ramanujachary
Goodness Is Beauty Revealed – Radha Burnier
Hierocles, On Marriage – Hierocles of Alexandria
How Women Enlighten the Future – A Master of the Wisdom
Independent Research in Theosophy – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Initial Steps on the Path – Robert Crosbie
Is Family Life a Duty? – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
James Rickards and the Economy of Ethics – Carlos Cardoso Aveline

Life and Writings of John Garrigues – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Love Without Violence – Erich Fromm
On Abortion: Is Foeticide a Crime? – Helena P. Blavatsky
On the Law of Cycles – Helena P. Blavatsky
On the Proem of The Secret Doctrine – Steven H. Levy
Our Associated Bookshops – The Editors

Pascal’s Sphere Jorge Luis Borges
Respect for the Lower Self – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Right Action, Not Quietism – John Garrigues
Sacred Aspects of Serendipity – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Self-Forgetfulness and Bliss – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Stopping Filicide, Respecting Children – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Texts on the Family and the Path – The Editors
Tibetan Book of the Dead Is NingmaJohn Garrigues
The 2007-2008 Events in Adyar – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Art of Loving – Erich Fromm
The Circle for the Study of Discipleship – Carlos Cardoso Aveline

The Cosmic Creation in Every Foetus – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Guidelines Of E-Theosophy – The Editors
The Idea of Space in Theosophy – Steven H. Levy
The Independent Lodge of Theosophists – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Lesson of the Sun in Capricorn – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Lesson of the Sun in LibraCarlos Cardoso Aveline
The Lesson of the Sun in Sagittarius – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Lesson of the Sun in Scorpio – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Lesson of the Sun in VirgoCarlos Cardoso Aveline
The Lower Self as a Tool – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Making of ‘The Fire and Light’ – The Editors of The Aquarian
The Mauryan Dynasty – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Metaphysics of E-Theosophy – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Mystery of the Templars – Helena P. Blavatsky
The Nativity Scene in Our Hearts – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Process Between Two Lives – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Process of Initiation – Alpha
The Process of Second Birth – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Role of Tapas in Raja Yoga – I.K. Taimni
The Secret Doctrine, Volume I – Helena P. Blavatsky
The Secret Doctrine, Volume II – Helena P. Blavatsky
The Theosophist, 1879-1880 – Helena P. Blavatsky (Ed.)
The Three Kinds of Pralayas – A Master of the Wisdom
The Two Sides of Human Soul – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Vertical Side of a Journey – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
The Worm and the Fruit – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Theosophy and the Bardo Thodol – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Theosophy or the Medicine of the SoulCarlos Cardoso Aveline
Thoughts Along the Road – 49Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Three Dimensions of an Effort – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Turning a House Into a Temple – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Whether the Blessings Of Devachan Are Mayavic – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Why Humans Are Brothers of the Trees – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Written Lessons in Philosophy – Carlos Cardoso Aveline
Youth and Old Age in One’s SoulCarlos Cardoso Aveline